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Working on Glutes, thighs, legs today all with our own body weight! Attacking the “”Butt-thigh!”” All you need is a bench or step.
See below for more instructions!

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Starting with a bulgarian split squat. Place one food on the platform, the other active leg is in front. Squat down from the heel. Feel it in your glute! All of the work is on that base leg an on that glute.

You can always add hand weights to make it more challenging.
Working the Butt-thigh! Repeat on the other side.

There is no magic number or rep set. It is what YOU feel. Make it challenging for YOU!

Next exercise is a reverse lunge with a curtsey. Base leg is planted. Active leg comes back, back to the center and then curtsey over.

By using the platform we are working things deeper.

Switch sides and repeat! You can always add hand weights to make them more challenging.

Next exercise is GLUTE BRIDGES. Take it up, squeeze and lower. This is not an ab move. It is a glute and hamstring move. You can add a weight on those thighs if you want to make it more challenging.

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