Brazilify Your BUTT with Natalie Jill & Brett Hoebel (Trainer-The Biggest Loser) | Natalie Jill

Check out exact exercise instructions below!
Brett Hoebel
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Move #1 – Lunge – alternate sides for one minute
Moderate – Step forward and make sure the back knee touches all the way down as much as you can to go into hip flexion, meaning when your knee is close to your chest. The closer your knee is to your chest, the more you’re going to work that booty.
Easier – Follow moderate instructions, however don’t go as low or lunge up on down on side for 30 seconds and then repeat the other side.
Brazilify – Follow moderate instructions, but as your front leg goes down, take your palm and touch the ground.

Move #2 – Side Plank – alternate 30 seconds on each side
This is a great exercise to “build the shelf!”
Moderate – Get down on your forearm (or wrist), take it into a regular side plank and lift the outer leg up, keeping your hips elevated (imagining your belt buckle is pointed forward). You’re really going to feel this on out the outside of that butt.
Easier – Start out in regular position and lift your hips up, but rather than lifting your outer leg up, keep it down.
Brazilify – Follow moderate instructions, but as your outer leg is lifted, you are going to kick one low, kick medium and kick really high! Switch to the other side

Move #3 – Kneeling Side Leg Lifts – Do for oneBrett Hoebel and Natalie Jill minute and switch to the other side
Moderate – Go down on all fours, resting your body on your left knee, extend right leg parallel to knee (as much as possible), tap your toe down and lift your heel.
Easier – Stay on all fours, but keep right knee bent and lift up to 90 degree angle (not a pretty visual, but think of a dog peeing on a tree or fire hydrant).
Brazilify – Follow moderate instructions, but once you tap your toe lightly to the ground, give it a half moon kick by keeping that leg straight, lift and kick your leg back.

Move #4 – Booty Bridge or Single Leg Booty Lifts – One minute on each side and remember to push out with your heels!
Moderate – Lie on your back, making a W with your arms over your head and really pushing them into the ground, and lift your hips up. Then lift your toes up, straighten out right leg, lift up and touch ground with your booty, bring it back up, down, etc.
Easier – Start out in moderate position with your arms over your head and lift your hips up into a double leg booty lift, also concentrating on lifting up on your heels as you come up.
Brazilify – Start out in moderate position, lift up, straighten out your right leg, tuck it into your chest, drop that booty to floor and when you come up push kick and bring it back down again. Up-push kick-back down.

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