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Check out exact exercise instructions below!

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Here is the goal:
7 Days @ 100 moves a day!
You can do 25 of each exercise a day or pick one exercise and do 100 a day or do 50 of one; 50 of another. You get the drift!
Get after that butt, attack it and crush it!

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Exercise #1 Glute Bridge:
Start out lying on your back, and drive your heels to push your hips up into Glute Bridge position. Squeeze and HOLD. You can vary this position by adding tiny little pulses or squeeze, HOLD, come back down and repeat.

Exercise #2 – Donkey Kick Ladders:
This is a two part exercise and it’s quick! So watch me first! First, start out on your knees and forearms, doing a standard donkey kick on one leg. Then, come up on your hands and feet and kick that same leg up, squeezing those glutes and reaching your heel toward the ceiling. Keep your base leg/knee bent and low. Do 12 – 15 repetitions on one side and then repeat on the other side (12 – 15 repetitions).

Hamstring Curl with Stability Ball:
These are so awesome and they work so much of that lower body. Start out lying on your back and place your feet on a stability ball. Lift up your hips and pull the ball in toward your glutes using your hamstrings to control the ball. Don’t let your hips drop, keep it low and controlled.

Glute Bridge using a Stability Ball:
This is similar to a glute bridge, only your feet are on the stability ball. Slowly lift your hips up into bridge position and HOLD. Come back down and continue to repeat. Again, you want to keep this movement slow and controlled, engaging your core.

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