Get A Beyonce Booty | Butt Exercises | Natalie Jill

Check out exact exercise instructions below!

Exercise #1 – side to side low lunge
Get down as low as you can in squat position, keeping those knees bent and facing forward and shift side to side.

Exercise #2 – forward alternating lunge
Stand up tall, step one leg forward into lunge position, bring it back and continue alternating sides. Another option is to do all your lunges on one side first and then switch to other side.

Exercise #3 – side leg raise
With your feet a little bit wider than shoulder width a part, squat down low and as you come back up, kick one leg out to the side.

Exercise #4 – Plie Squat
With your toes pointed slightly out, squat down low, driving through heels and bring it back up. If you want to add weight to this exercise and create resistance, you can.

Exercise # 5 – Beyonce’s “Lunge with a Slap”
Just do lunges and add a slap on that booty!

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