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How to Build a Booty with Your Own Bodyweight

So I had a problem. I did not like my booty…but I wanted to! I wanted to build a nice booty, but I wanted to do it the way I wanted to do it. I didn’t want a trendy expensive Brazilian butt lift surgery or dangerous butt implant, I didn’t want any gimmicky tool or pill. I also didn’t want to have to join a gym and use all of the heavy weights, equipment, and machines. I seriously wanted to know how to build a booty with your own bodyweight! So I reached out to my great friend, Ari Whitten, and asked him if the thought it was possible. He shared with me what I needed to know in order to build a booty with your own bodyweight that was Instagram worthy!

He said when it comes to building a great booty, you need two things:
–You need to actually be lean enough to start to see the development and the curvature of the butt muscles. If you have a big layer of fat on your body, you’re not going to be able to see the development of the butt muscles no matter how well developed they are.
–You need a resistance exercise program that will actually build and develop those butt muscles. You need BOTH of those two things in order to have a great butt.

So I wanted to get to it! There are 6 KEY factors you need in order to build a great butt:

1. TENSION. This is actually the most important thing you need. Before you even start the motion you want to make sure you have tension on your glutes. Squeeze your glutes to pick your hips up as high as they can go. Once your glutes are as high as they can go, flex them even more.
2. FREQUENCY. You need to be doing the tension aspect with a certain frequency. You want to be doing this at least two times a week.
3. PLANES OF MOVEMENT. Whether you move forward, sideways, backwards, or rotationally — you need to change it up. In order to build your booty you need to make sure you are using different ranges of movement to work different muscles.
4. REP RANGES. You want to do what is challenging for you. So, whether doing 5-6 reps challenges you, or doing 20-25 reps for a challenge, as long as you are pushing yourself, good! You need to be doing different workouts that require different rep ranges.
5. PROGRESSION. When something stops being such a challenge for you, add in a variation. If doing normal glute bridges are easy breezy for you, try it with a leg up and extended. You have to always be doing new movements to get the development.
6. MIND+MUSCLE CONNECTION. You have to be conscious of how you are doing the movement so that you place the strain and focus the movement on the actual muscle you are wanting to build.

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