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Lower body FAT BLASTING Workout

FAT BLASTING Workout 1: Split Squats
Take a slight step back, engage your glutes, and take it down and up for little movements. A lot of people take it really far back when they do their split squat/lunge position, but I recommend keeping your legs in closer together. You can add weights if you want, but you really don’t need to because as long as you have your feet in the right position you will really isolate and feel this in your glute. Do one side for 15 seconds and then switch to the other.

FAT BLASTING Workout 2: Curtsy Tap and Holds
Starting with feet together, take one out and across behind you for a toe tap, and dip down to the ground with your knee in a curtsy position. Repeat this for 15 seconds, and then switch to curtsy holds. In the same curtsy position, remain for little pulses instead of returning to starting position. Hold and pulse for 15 seconds. Then switch sides and repeat the taps and the holds. You will feel these in your glutes and quads!

FAT BLASTING Workout 3: Active Runners Lunge
With a slight bend in the knees, place your hands on the ground by your toes. Then take one leg out behind you into a lunge position, and bring it back in. Repeat this for 15 seconds. Switch sides and repeat for another 15 seconds. This will really start to fire your quads while still working your glutes.

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