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Top 5 Booty Workouts
These are my top 5 booty workouts from a number of my different booty workout videos! Bikini season is near! Get those booties in gear! 🙂

Top 5 Booty Workouts #5 Resistance Band Booty Walks
Put the resistance band around your ankles and walk to each side. The lower you get while walking to each side, the more you will feel it, so get low! The key is to make sure you are keeping tension in the band by keeping your legs wide, even when you walk.

Top 5 Booty Workouts #4 Bodyweight Booty Lunge Combo
Take it into a backward lunge, followed by a curtsy lunge pulse. Complete the motion 8 times on each side. On your last one, hold and do a repetition of curtsy pulses at the end. Then switch to the other side for another full set, ending with curtsy pulses. You will really feel this one! Make sure to keep your legs and glutes engaged and your knee over your toes on your base leg.

Top 5 Booty Workouts #3 Hamstring Curl
This move will really work the area between your booty and your thigh. I call it the “butt thigh”. On all fours, extend one leg backward parallel to the floor. Bend at the knee to curl the extended leg inward. You should start to feel this in your upper thigh/lower booty area. Make sure you are squeezing at the top.

Top 5 Booty Workouts #2 Donkey Kicks
This time, instead of extending that leg out behind you, you are going to keep it bent and push UP toward the sky. Imagine you are pushing up the heavy ceiling with your foot — so keep your foot flat. This is a booty lifting exercise, so make sure you don’t skip out on these! You will really feel these in your booty. Complete one side before switching to the next.

Top 5 Booty Workouts #1 Side Lunges
Standing, spread your legs wide. Squat down and lunge side to side. Make sure you are staying super low while you move side to side — that’s when all the work will be done. You will definitely feel these in your legs AND booty.

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